Changes to The Socratic Project


Cindy Moy

My goal for The Socratic Project was to create safe avenues of conversation about difficult subjects, and for 2 years, you’ve been kind enough to take part.

Thank you for your support and your encouragement along the way. Now it is time to begin a new chapter, and I hope you will be a part of that as well.

My first novel–Suraiya Jafari, An American President-about an Indian-American Muslim Congresswoman who accidentally becomes the U.S. President, is now available here.

Suraiya, a Republican and former Marine lawyer, is serving as the House Minority Leader in 2022 when the vice president is charged with fraud and forced to step down.

Suraiya is tapped to be vice president in an effort to rebrand the party. Then the president dies, and Suraiya moves into the Oval Office.

Thereafter she deals with distrust from her own party, sabotage from her political rivals, and even the threat of a third world war, all while coming to terms with how others try to define her and figuring out how she defines herself.

Also, visit me and my friends anytime at We talk about books and politics and random musings.